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Fleetguard Air Filter Part No: AF1643 : $101.38 : BUY NOW!

Description : Cummins Filtration under Fleetguard filter Products line offers the widest range of replacement filters for tractors, combines, ATV and heavy duty equipment. If you are not sure about the right part # please use cross reference look up tool on Cummins Filtration site to make sure that you are ordering correct filter. Fits models: John Deere COMBINE: CTS, John Deere COMBINE: 9400, John Deere COMBINE: 9450, John Deere COMBINE: 9500 (MACHINE SN <645200), John Deere COMBINE: 9500 (MACHINE SN 645201-665977), John Deere COMBINE: 9500 (SIDE HILL/MACHINE SN 645201-66597), John Deere COMBINE: 9500SH, John Deere COMBINE: 9600, John Deere COTTON PICKER: 9960, John Deere COTTON PICKER: 9965, John Deere COTTON PICKER: 9970, John Deere TRACTOR: 8430, John Deere TRACTOR: 8440, John Deere TRACTOR: 8450, John Deere TRACTOR: 8560, John Deere TRACTOR: 8570 (ENG JD 6076H), John Deere TRACTOR: 8630, John Deere TRACTOR: 8640, John Deere TRACTOR: 8650 Cross Reference:BALDWINPA-2461;DONALDSONE70-0004;FRAM CA-2517;PUROLATORA72971;WIX42706 Primary Applications::ACA877C;AP LOCKHEED AP-3534A;AIR REFINER ARM-1040;ASTRA102974;BALDWINPA-2461;BIG A 1167;BIG A 93706;CARQUEST87706;CANADIAN FILTER CFM754;CHAMPLAF-1040