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Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer 30 ml : $63.99 : BUY NOW!

Description : Gtechniq C4 is not just your regular trim coating, it will bond to your trim restoring it to like new condition with ease! Most trim restorers or protectants are shiny coatings that sit on top of the plastic and they only provide temporary shine and color restoration. C4 actually swaps part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your car's trim! This allows the C4 to keep your trim looking brand new for up to two years! Use C4 on trim, weather stripping, plastic mirrors, battery covers, hoses, etc. If you are looking to restore your trim to like new condition grab a bottle of the C4 Permanent Trim Restorer today!

Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer 15 ml : $42.56 : BUY NOW!

Description : C4 Trim Restorer is a nano-composite coating that restores trim to an "as new" state without altering gloss level. C4 uses a covalent or chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule it's protecting. C4 swaps part of its molecular structure with the surface of the vehicle's trim to provide a protective coating of unparalleled durability. Recommended use on trim, weather stripping, plastic mirrors and cowls, air boxes, battery covers, and hoses.

SPC Performance 7600 Chrome Transmission Pan for Ford C4 : $24.33 : BUY NOW!

Description : Specialty Products 7600 Ford C4 Steel Trans Pan Chrome. Product Dimension (LxWxH): 10.15x12.95x3.1.

Transtec B11033 Gasket, Bottom Pan (Cork) C4 C5 : $1.76 : BUY NOW!

Description :

Transtec B11033 Gasket, Bottom Pan (Cork) C4 C5

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UY CHAN Original Soldering Iron Tip Replacement for TS100 Mini Portable Outdoor Soldering Iron Kit (C4-Tip) : $15.98 : BUY NOW!

Description : Original Tip Replacement for TS100 Mini Soldering Iron Kit

length : 105mm / Weight : 10.5g

Package included ONE Tip only, but there are 7 size of tips you can choose

Made of high quality material, perfectly fit your TS100 Soldering Iron


C4 Corvette Mirror Wind Deflector Kit Fits: 85 through 96 Corvettes : $34.99 : BUY NOW!

Description : Our Wind Deflectors are reproductions of the OEM part developed to eliminate annoying sport mirror "wind whistle". They add aerodynamic efficiency, and allow you full enjoyment of your Corvette's stereo without outside interference. These thick ABS plastic pieces fit precisely on your side mirror moorings. Instructions included to install with self adhesive tape or with factory style rivets.

Includes the left and right side and is designed to fit 1985 through 1996 Corvettes and will not fit the 1984 Corvette.


C4 Corvette 88-96 Headlight Replacement Bronze Gear Upgrade Over Stock Nylon Dual Kit Fits: 88 through 96 Corvettes : $112.90 : BUY NOW!

Description : One of the issues most C4 88-96 Corvette owners will have to deal or have dealt with is the headlight motors or more specifically the nylon main gear which will fail at some point. The signs are clear: noisy operation, failed up/down operations from time to time and finally complete lose of operation leaving you with just a running motor or a locked up motor.

More times then not if you are having headlight issues it is the main nylon gear it just is not designed to take repeated operations like the rest of the system. Our replacement bronze gear will end the common failed nylon gear for good and should leave you with a quiet long lasting headlight motor.

The kit will include everything (except tools) to complete both headlight nylon to bronze gear replacement. Included in the kit is two bronze gears, along with bushings and complete instructions for all 88-96 C4 Corvettes.

This listing is for 2 complete kits for both headlights. Please see our other listing if you are looking for a single kit.


Assault Racing Products A9531PBK Case Fill Ford C4 Black Steel Automatic Transmission Pan - Stock Capacity : $26.69 : BUY NOW!

Description : New black steel automatic transmission pan for Ford C-4. Case fill style. Stock capacity - 2 3/8" deep. Drain plug included.

C4 Corvette Semi Custom Car Cover Blue Fits: All 1984 through 1996 Corvettes : $49.94 : BUY NOW!

Description : This semi-custom single layer Corvette car cover is designed to fit all Corvette's 1953 - 2018 including the C4 coupe, convertible, GS and ZR1 and is made by Performance Choice. The cover is designed to be used as a dust cover for indoor use with some light outdoor use during good weather to protect your Corvette from the sun.

Single Layer Polypropylene Breathable To Allow Moisture to Escape - Lightweight/Rolls Up Compact For Easy Storage - Easy to clean - Fast to install and remove - Storage pouch included

What a great low cost option to keeping the sun and dust off our Corvettes! Does not have mirror pockets.


C4 Corvette Air Foil Throttle Body Booster Fits: 85 through 96 L98 LT1 LT4 Corvettes : $27.99 : BUY NOW!

Description : With a 5 minute, no modification installation, the Throttle Body Flow Booster (Air Foil) reduces power-robbing turbulence at the throttle body, allowing increase in horsepower and torque gains over stock setup.

Add up to 11 horsepower.
Improve throttle response.
Boost intake flow by 30 CFM.

Your unit will include instructions with pictures. You will reuse your tuned port injection plate cover gasket.

Will fit all stock C4 85 through 96 Corvettes with the LT1 or LT4 engine. Will not fit the ZR1 LT5 engine