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STP SA3924

ATTENTION: We recommend using the FRAM CA3924 instead. According to FRAM, the FRAM CA3924 is a direct cross to the STP SA3924 and should work just fine for your application.

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Category: Air Filter

Filter Type: Round Plastisol Air

Fram air filters provide more airflow for improved performance. A clean air filter helps keep damaging particles from entering your engine and causing increased engine wear. A dirty air filter restricts airflow which can contribute to decreased acceleration, horsepower, and overall reduced engine performance. Fram recommends changing your air filter every 12,000 miles.
  • Provides more air flow for improved performance
  • Contains a high efficiency blend of round and synthetic fibers
  • Traps more dirt without decreasing air-flow
  • Traps dirt inside tiny microscopic channels to trap more dirt without a subsequent increase in air flow restriction
  • Please note that Fram is making ongoing changes to their packaging to reflect the new name "Extra Guard". Regardless of whether box received displays "Extra Guard" name or not, the filter inside has not changed.


Product Height : 4.95"
Product I.D. : 3.63"
Product O.D. : 5.75"

Vehicle Manufacturers That Use The STP SA3924

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Filter Manufacturers That May Have A Cross For The STP SA3924

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